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Tactic TTX650
Tactic TTX660
20 Model memory30-model memory
Easy-to-use push-button programming controlsEasy to use pushbutton programming
Intuitive, straightforward menusStraightforward, intuitive menus
Large, easy-to-read graphing LCD screen with adjustable contrastEasy-to-read blue backlit LCD screen with adjustable contrast & brightness
User-selectable switch assignmentsUser-selectable switch assignments
4 Programmable mixes and 8 pre-programmed mixes4 programmable mixes and 8 pre-programmed mixes
Airplane and helicopter programmingProgramming for airplanes, helicopters and drones
Compatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraftCompatible with all SLT receivers and Tx-R aircraft
Quad-bearing gimbalsBall-bearing gimbals and ergonomic case*
Adjustable stick length and tensionAdjustable stick length and tension
Wireless trainer system with selectable channelsWireless training system with selectable channels (not shown on Web page)
Reversing, sub-trim and travel limits on all channelsReversing, sub-trim and travel limits on all channels
Dual rates and exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)Dual rates and exponential (aileron, rudder and elevator)
Digital trims with slow/fast adjustmentDigital trims with slow/fast adjustment
One up/down timer, one battery timerOne up/down timer, one battery timer
Adjustable low-voltage alarmAdjustable low-voltage alarm
4 "AA" alkaline batteries included4 "AA" alkaline batteries included
Charge jack for optional NiCd/NiMH packsCharge jack for optional NiCd/NiMH packs (not shown on Web page)
External antenna that rotates and folds for easy storageExternal antenna that rotates and folds for easy storage
Two sliding levers, each with full sweep angle
Proportional dial
Flight simulator cable jack
* * *
* * *
TTX650 Transmitter Functions
TTX660 Transmitter Functions
Model SelectModel Select
Model ManagementModel Management
Trim SettingsTrim Settings
CH5 and CH6 AssignmentCH5 and CH6 Assignment
Channel AssignmentsChannel Assignments (not shown on Web page)
Trainer FunctionTrainer Function
Servo Reversing (all channels)Servo Reversing (all channels)
Sub-Trims (all channels)Sub-Trims (all channels)
Travel Limits (all channels)Travel Limits (all channels)
Dual Rates (aileron, elevator, rudder)Dual Rates (aileron, elevator, rudder)
Exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)Exponential (aileron, elevator, rudder)
* * *
* * *
TTX650 Airplane Functions
TTX660 Airplane Functions
Wing Type (normal, V-tail, delta, single aileron, dual aileron, aileron + flap, 2 aileron + flap)Wing Type (normal, V-tail, delta, single aileron, dual aileron, aileron + flap, 2 aileron + flap)
Throttle CurveThrottle Curve
Throttle CutThrottle Cut
Aileron DifferentialAileron Differential
Aileron/Flap AdjustAileron/Flap Adjust
Aileron MixerAileron Mixer
Elevator MixerElevator Mixer
Air Brake MixerAir Brake Mixer
Flap MixerFlap Mixer
* * *
* * *
TTX650 Helicopter Functions
TTX660 Helicopter Functions
Swash Type (1 servo, 2 servo 1800, 3 servos 1200, 3 servos 1400)Swash Type (1 servo, 2 servos 1800, 3 servos 1200, 3 servos 1400)
Throttle CutThrottle Cut
Throttle HoldThrottle Hold
Throttle CurveThrottle Curve
Pitch CurvePitch Curve
Gyro MixingGyro Mixing
Swash MixingSwash Mixing
Swash LimiterSwash Limiter
Throttle MixingThrottle Mixing
Rudder MixingRudder Mixing
* * *
* * *
TTX650 Multirotor Functions
TTX660 Multirotor Functions
Throttle Curve
Throttle Cut
Throttle Hold
Gyro Mixing
Programmable Mixes

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