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  • February 2018 Ampeer PDF, Feb. 2017 Ampeer HTML added 01/15/18
  • Site Home Page/Index page updated 01/15/18 Notice the February issue is up and next meeting date.
  • Events page updated 01/15/18
  • Fore and Aft Balance: Initial Safe Center of Gravity (ISCG) updated 01/012/18, changed format to be more viewable on all electronic devices, updated and check URLs, general clean up and clarifications where necessary
  • January 2018 Ampeer PDF, Jan. 2018 Ampeer HTML added 12/17/17
  • December 2017 Ampeer PDF, Dec. 2017 Ampeer HTML added 11/10/17, updated 12/11/17 a cleaned up HTML version
  • November 2017 Ampeer PDF, Nov. 2016 Ampeer HTML updated 10/14/17
  • October 2017 Ampeer PDF, Oct. 2016 Ampeer HTML added 09/24/2017
  • September 2017 Ampeer PDF, September 2017 Ampeer HTML updated 08/15/16
  • August 2017 Ampeer PDF, August 2016 Ampeer HTML added 07/15/16
  • October 2016 Ampeer PDF, October '16 Ampeer HTML Typing errors in the HTML version cleaned up. 06/15/17
  • July 2017Ampeer PDF, July 2017Ampeer HTML added 06/12/16
  • Effects of Temperature On the Battery , completely updated June 2017
  • June 2017Ampeer PDF, June '17Ampeer HTML added 05/15/17
  • May 2017 Ampeer PDF, May '17 Ampeer HTML added 04/13/17
  • Complete Ampeer Index updated 04/13/17, updated to index the latest issue
  • April 2017 Ampeer PDF, April '17 Ampeer HTML added 03/17/17
  • February 2017 Ampeer PDF, Feb. '17 Ampeer HTML updated 02/16/17
  • An update was made to this issue to make clear that the information about the resistance being higher on fully charged Lithium-ion packs was referencing A123 cells, NOT lithium polymer (LiPo) cells. The graph was also updated to show the pack consisted of A123 cells. Follow up testing is in progress on both LiPo cells and a different pack of A123 cells (Feb. 16, 2017). The results will appear in up coming Ampeers.
  • March 2017 Ampeer PDF, March 2017 Ampeer HTML added 02/14/17
  • Learning About LiPo Batteries 02/10/16
  • Getting Started in Electric Flight: A Power System Introduction and Some BASICS 12/16/15
    modified how types of planes are displayed at the beginning of the article
  • Timing Article updated 08/10/15 and modified to be viewed on all electronic reading devices
  • About the EFO updated 06/29/15 and modified to be viewed on all electronic reading devices
  • Updates Page updated 06/29/15, modified to be viewed on all electronic reading devices
  • Motor Kv; what it is and how to measure it updated 11/11/15
  • Review: aerofly RC 7 RC Flight Simulator, Ken Myers reviews this simulator. updated 05/25/14
  • Min-E Mambo Construction and Plans 02/26/14
  • Manufacturer/Suppliers Page updated 01/10/14
  • Wing Cube Loading (WCL) Factor updated 1/3/2014
  • O.S. Motor OMA-5010-810 Preview moved to Feb. '13 Ampeer 01/17/2013 - updated with warning about reverse thread socket head cap screw 08/20/2013
  • Changes to Keith Shaw's Talk to the EMFSO on best design practices. A must read!
    Keith's original article/talk, as posted on the EFO site for a long time, was split into four parts to be sure that it would fit on floppy disks.
    Patrick Surry has combined the original four parts into one. The whole article as one .pdf file.
    He also made a version to view on a phone, Kindle, etc. updated 11/01/12
  •      Unlike other sites, there is NO paid advertising on this site! When you see an ad link, Ken Myers uses and recommends the product(s), supplier or manufacturer. He uses the "stuff" or supplier himself!

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